Barrington Partners offers a cost-effective, streamlined 15(c) approach that reports on essential performance and fee information for your funds.

Your fund company can use our nimble solution to assemble an optimal peer group composition …

We understand the review of a fund’s performance in a 15(c) report requires a concise report that helps Boards meet their fiduciary obligation. In addition to the critical areas typically measured, each board has particular issues or factors they would like to consider.

We pull all critical factors into an automated tool that allows us to filter and find the funds with key comparable factors. This process can be also easily tailored for funds that may not neatly slot into a particular category.

… and produce insightful 15(c) reports that your Board can understand and act on.

  • Our reports start with a dashboard page that provides much of the critical information about a fund’s position and performance.
  • Additional pages provide a drill down on particular factors and issues.
  • Unlike some 15(c) reports that are dozens of pages long, the equity fund report is eight pages and the fixed income funds has one additional page that addresses credit, duration and maturity issues.
To learn more about Barrington’s 15(c) Reporting solution, please contact:
Hubbard Garber at 617.407.1782
Jeffrey Christian at 603.365.9296
Kyle Odermann at 913.484.9099