Increasingly, Fund Boards are hiring Barrington directly.  Operational issues are frequently confronting Trustees, and Barrington is an independent source of objective information. Hiring Barrington directly allows Trustees unfiltered access to impartial advice and opinions.

Barrington’s role is that of an objective third party.  Projects for Boards frequently involve gathering information, data and/or opinions from and about practices at other mutual fund companies.

The goals of Board projects cover a wide range of issues …

  • Education
  • Survey Presentation
  • Fee Analysis
  • Best Practices
  • Consulting

The topics of Board projects have included Intermediary Fees, Intermediary Fee Caps, Shadow NAV, Transfer Agent Profitability, Audit Fees, Fund comparisons, independent assessment of vendor fees, and independent view of fees for services from a related entity to the investment advisor.

… and provide unfiltered results.

  • Many mutual fund independent trustees are already familiar with Barrington through our white papers, benchmark surveys, or references.
  • As a trusted source and independent, objective third party, Barrington helps Trustees formulate the questions around a particular issue and then source information that will help them understand their position and how other trustees/fund companies have addressed similar topics.
  • Barrington is frequently contracted by Trustee counsel, allowing the information provided to be ‘privileged’.
To learn more about Barrington’s advisory services to Fund Boards, please contact:
Hubbard Garber at 617.407.1782
Judy Benson at 617.462.0622