TAILORED SOLUTIONS: Our Consulting Process

While some projects have a stated goal, others start with the awareness of a problem or issue that require investigation before determining the best solution. Barrington’s approach to these projects has several phases:

  1. Assessment. This first phase involves exploring the issues, interviewing all the individuals that are involved or have a vested interest in the process or solution and creating an assessment report that allows everyone involved to see the full picture before moving to the next phase.
  2. Research. Research may take many forms based on the issue, but generally this phase involves developing a range of possible solutions. This phase typically involves empirical research to consider how other firms solved the same issue.
  3. Determine and Implement a Solution. Barrington will help a firm work through a process to determine the best solution, negotiate and contract with vendors as necessary and then complete any required implementation.

Determining solutions is improved by including all possible information around a problem and then understanding the best possible solutions for your firm.

Barrington does not just write a report, we take clients through a thorough, documented process.

  • All involved parties have had a voice in the process.
  • The assessment allows all involved staff to see the broad picture.
  • Solutions work best when there is inclusion and buy-in. The solution may not match any individual’s opinion, but if they understand why decisions were made it will reduce dissent and potential turnover.

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