TAILORED SOLUTIONS: Our Consulting Scope

The only constant about the range of our consulting projects is the variation in the issues that need to be addressed.

  1. Issues. In the current regulatory environment no investment advisor is an island. Every firm must pay attention to regulatory issues being considered or implemented and assess the firm’s current position and the potential impact. As a firm takes action, management and trustees should be asking what steps similar firms have employed or are considering.
  2. Product Analysis. Barrington has worked on a wide range of product assessment projects that range from developing new product structures, determining the best product by market, class rationalization efforts, performance comparisons, bespoke 15(c) reports and market comparisons of products by company or strategy. Barrington maintains its own database of traditional and alternative products on a global basis. This normalized database allows us to search and filter on any factor.
  3. Markets. Barrington’s work extends into many markets with concentrations in the US, Canada, Europe/UK.
  4. Structures. Our work has involved open end, closed end, collectives, private equity, hedge funds, and fund of funds, both on-shore and off-shore.

One of Barrington’s strengths is where data and empirical research meet.

  1. Needs Assessment: Assisted firm in development of a growth strategy; formulated direction and strategy with management team.
  2. Product Strategy: Interviewed financial advisors selling a fund company’s products to gather information of product usage, positioning, impact of performance, and potential interest in other products.
  3. Process review and platform selection for an OCIO business.
  4. Service vendor selection for a private equity firm’s LBO and credit funds.
  5. Best practices review of the Portfolio and Trade Operations functions for a manager with a complex product and asset set.
  6. Barrington conducts many projects to analyze and compare service provider back office fee schedules and assists clients with fee renegotiation. Some clients then move into an RFI/RFP.
  7. Completed securities lending evaluation for client to evaluate the potential revenue and the risks involved.

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