INSIGHT & INTELLIGENCE: Best Practices Research

Barrington Partners completes many cost effective and timely Best Practices engagements for our clients annually.

Through a Best Practices engagement, a sponsoring client is able to poll a group of fund companies …

A Best Practices project is designed to quickly collect data from a range of firms (typically a minimum of 10) about common practices on a particular issue. We typically conduct phone interviews with participants to discuss their particular practices; depending on the issue, we may complement the phone interview with a brief written questionnaire.  As an incentive for their taking part, participants receive the final report (without attribution) at no charge.  Because Best Practices engagements are very focused, they are cost-efficient and provide a quick turnaround for sponsors.

Attracting participants in a Best Practices engagement is never a challenge.  Invariably the topic that is of interest to the sponsor is of interest broadly in the industry.

… to ferret out common industry practice on a particular topic and inform their decision-making.

  • Interviewees are more candid when an independent third party with deep expertise in the topic area is collecting data and conducting the interviews.
  • We are able to interview a broad group of respondents economically.
  • Barrington commentary, insights and/or opinions are included in the final report to provide additional worth to the results.
To learn more about Barrington’s Best Practices Research, please contact:
Hubbard Garber at 617.407.1782
Judy Benson at 617.462.0622
Andrew Hunter at 617.594.7540
Jeffrey Christian at 603.365.9296