Investment management firms use their participation in Barrington Partners’ benchmarking surveys to measure their costs and operational practices against their industry peers.

Benchmarking against your peers gives your firm valuable insights …

We conduct a number of benchmarking surveys, usually every other year.

Each survey participant receives a tailored copy of the survey results, where their responses are compared to the anonymized data for the other participating firms. Only participating firms receive a copy of the final report.

… and actionable results.

  • For example, fund companies and boards can use survey results to assess the appropriateness of audit fees.
  • As well, boards and management obtain a clear picture of how well their firm handles intermediary oversight.
  • Investment managers gain deep insight into the complex world of intermediary fees, and see how their firm’s handling of those fees compares to their peers.
To learn more about Barrington’s benchmark survey capabilities and methodology, please contact:
Hubbard Garber at 617.407.1782
Judy Benson at 617.462.0622
Jeffrey Christian at 603.365.9296
David J. Mangefrida at 202.258.9194
Kyle Odermann at 913.484.9099