Buy and sell-side investment advisory

Barrington Partner’s investment banking practice is solely focused on the asset management and securities industry.

Our independence allows us to give conflict free advice; we use our comprehensive industry knowledge to help develop acquisition strategies that align without client’s long-term strategic objectives.  We have a strong track record of delivering unbiased, creative advice for our client and work with them to negotiate attractive relationships that serve them in the short term as well as having long-term strategic benefits.

Our investment banking/M&A team’s areas of focus:

  • Targeted Searches: Buy side and sell side assignments are both targeted searches, they just have a different direction of focus.  Instead of waiting to see what appears over the transom, we concentrate on finding the right counter-party.  We look at size, style, company culture, location, market and the people involved.  We believe that taking an active approach is much more effective because finding a ‘good fit’ is better than ‘what was available’.
  • Portfolio Team Liftouts/ Placements: Instead of buying a company or funds, there are many opportunities to find individuals or teams of talent.  This work has to be done very quietly and carefully, and it requires existing relationships.
  • ‘Thinking outside the box’: In our experience, the best matches are not always obvious.  We have a strong history of successfully using our contacts to put deals together between parties that may not be predictable, but are a great strategic fit.

Our team has evaluated and advised on many transactions and has established a reputation for professionalism and excellence in transactions and project executions.  Our client service approach is rooted in a common guiding principle of exceeding client expectations by delivering the highest-quality advice and excellence in execution.

To learn more please contact:
Hubbard Garber at 617.407.1782
Greg Spanos at 617.834.3859