Barrington Partners hosts several invitation-only industry forums and peer groups, where senior managers can meet with a small group of their peers to discuss the issues and challenges they face.

Forums offer opportunities to share industry practices and challenges …

Our forums each address a specific segment of the investment management industry, and include:

  • Fund Administration Forum
  • Intermediary Forum
  • Middle Office Forum
  • UCITS Forum

Each forum meets quarterly, three times by phone and once in person.  Firms are not limited on attendance at phone meetings but the in-person meetings are limited to 2 persons per firm.

… and can furnish insight into how others are addressing common obstacles.

  • Topics come from the participants.
  • Participants frequently request surveys on developing topics and results are shared with the whole group.
  • Phone calls allow firms to include larger groups that may have specialized knowledge.
  • In-person meetings allow participants to sit across from each other and share thoughts, opinions and strategies about how best to execute their jobs and responsibilities.

As well, Barrington hosts two industry peer groups that do not include an annual in-person meeting:

  • Risk Peer Group
  • Middle Office Peer Group

To learn more about Barrington’s invitation-only industry forums, please contact:
Fund Administration Forum
Judy Benson at 617.462.0622
Intermediary Forum
Judy Benson at 617.462.0622
Middle Office Forum
Andrew Hunter at 617.594.7540
Risk Peer Group
Shealyn McGuire Sullivan at 617.835.4432
Hubbard Garber at 617.407.1782